Replacement Monitor For PBR T450-2000 CNC FANUC 15T Monitor

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  • Item Name:Replacement Monitor For PBR T450-2000 CNC FANUC 15T Monitor
  • Model no.:HCM1011121O-FAN
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Fanuc (GE Fanuc) Replacement Monitor

A CRT can be unreliable and can be down for days at a time 

when you need it the most. When a CRT burns out, installing 

an LCD upgrade is the fastest and most reliable way to get a 

machine controller up and running.

This 12.1" TFT installation monitor has been designed as replacement for 12"-14" tube monitor. Conversion with plug and play is quick and easy with a few simple steps.


Order no.: 

         HCM1011084O-FAN For 9"CRT or 8.9"DPL monitor

         HCM1011104O-FAN For 12"CRT or 10" DPL

         HCM1011121O-FAN For 14"CRT 

         HCM084VGA-FAN   For 8.4" LCD screen

         HCM104VGA-FAN   For 10.4"LCD screen

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Fanuc series 0M Monitor 

Fanuc series 0T Monitor 

Fanuc series 15 Monitor 

Fanuc series 21 Monitor 

Fanuc series 16i/18i Monitor 

Fanuc series 18T Monitor 

Fanuc series 18M Monitor 

Technical specifications: 

Display / resolution 12.1" TFT full color active / 800x600 pixels 

Brightness 370 cd    

Frequency 12-45 kHz horizontal, 50-75 Hz vertical 

Settings via OSD (On Converter) 


Active area LCD screen 246.0 x 184.5 mm (W x H) 

Housing compatible: Using original

 Power supply AC 85-240V rubber connector with safety fuse 

Temperature range -10°C to 55°C

Packing List:

1 monitor ---1

2 Power Adapter ---1

3 Video Cable ---1

4 Manual ---1

5 acrylic protection panel ---1

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